An Operationalized Data Lake is Your Best Bet for GDPR Compliance

October 3, 2017 Brett Carpenter

For many organizations, the countdown has started.  As of this writing, there are 233 days left until GDPR goes into effect. When you take into account the time it’s going to take to find and purchase a platform to achieve compliance, you’re looking at a significant difference in the time left to fully implement that solution. Can you afford to risk it?

We’ve already highlighted the 10 measures to GDPR compliance and have dived into how governed data lakes can help you on the road to compliance. You’ve done the research, you know your data, now the trick is finding a solution that can be implemented before the deadline hits. Based on your process, this might take longer than you think.

Deployment state or size doesn’t matter

Regardless of what comprises your big data ecosystem today - be it a data lake, data swamp, RDBMS, EDW, or other variation - you need a solution that can be implemented quickly. The solution should also be able to ingest all past, present, and future data while applying metadata tags to Especially since metadata is the key to GDPR compliance.   Every little bit of time matters when you realize just how little is left until that May deadline for compliance.

All pieces needed for GDPR Compliance

Tracking data lineage, managing the data lifecycle, and monitoring personal identifiable information are all major aspects of GDPR compliance. Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution with these capabilities, and then some? When you start to think of a data lake as more than a simple repository of data and understand the possibilities that can be gained by a management platform, then you will see just how perfectly suited a data lake is for GDPR. We've highlighted a checklist below that should help to show where a technology can help or where a person/process should be put in place. 

When managed with a holistic platform a data lake can be one of the best architectures to achieve GDPR compliance. It can help you get to a state of compliance in time for May 25th.  Request a demo with us today about a data lake solution for GDPR compliance, and stop the countdown in its tracks.

Get Your Big Data House in Order for GDPR

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