A Seat in Front of the Camera: The Power of Video in Tech

January 24, 2017 Breya Rodgers

Videos are everywhere you look and emerging technologies have made it possible for you to have an audience available at the push of the ‘live’ button.  Technology companies should be at the forefront of video marketing. Why? Because the population has always been hungry for what’s up-and-coming in tech and videos can serve as a quick and easy to debut the next big thing. There are a number of brands and even people that realize the power of video and have made their brand a household name. 

But, why hasn’t leadership at your tech company realized the value of video?  They may say it’s too much on their budget or doesn’t fit into the strategy, but videos are an immediate indicator of audience interest and can be the driving force behind your next content strategy meeting. Technology companies offer such fascinating and ground-breaking topics that not taking advantage of such an interactive and fun medium is a poor move as a brand. Watch this quick summary video and read the three reasons why all technology companies should take video seriously.

1. Marketing Qualified Video

As funny cat videos and memes flood our timelines and streaming services, it’s refreshing to see something with educational value. The online audience has grown to tremendous numbers - 25% of global internet users consume videos daily. Imagine a video that showcases your company and has the capability to reach 160 million unique viewers per month.

It’s painless to create a quality marketing video that cuts through the clutter and has the power to transcend your normal audience base. Zaloni chose an animated video to introduce its Data Lake Management Platform. This was a different, attention-grabbing way to showcase exactly what its data lake management platform is capable of doing. With new innovations in tech almost daily, it’s worthwhile to stand out and do the unexpected.

2. Complex Topics, Easy Consumption

Cloud, Internet of Things, Data Lakes, AWS... the list goes on and on. Videos reach a large, diverse audience and recognizing that will help deliver the message. For very technical videos, target your audience and cater your message appropriately. On the other hand, break down complex topics into layman's terms. In any case, many will start to look to you as a thought leader in your space.

One way to establish thought leaders is with a whiteboard video. A whiteboard video fosters a personal connection with viewers because they can put a face to a specific topic. Showing a little personality humanizes the brand and builds an immense amount of lasting trust. Our attention spans are waning and most people stop watching videos around the 3 minute mark. Zaloni has capitalized on this with “Zaloni Zip” videos that feature Zaloni’s thought leaders explaining complex terms in under 5 minutes.

3. Product Demonstrations

A product demo is a different type of video but with no less importance. Product demos can prove to be your most popular asset as people are inherently curious. Create a worthwhile video where viewers won’t mind dedicating an extended amount of time. An inside look into your company product will warrant an increased amount of engagement and feelings of trust.

The number of digital videos will continue to increase and drive the marketing landscape in 2017 and beyond. With the growing number of mobile devices in our hands, a video has proven to be an inexpensive medium that drives huge results.  Digital video advertising has been a growing trend in the United States and is projected to reach 14.38 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Don’t get left behind - combine the power of tech and the power of video for one powerful message.

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