Ben Sharma talks about Business Impact of Hadoop on The O’Reilly Podcast.

August 4, 2015 Kelly Hopkins Schupp

Ben Sharma talks about the Business impact of Hadoop with Ben Lorica in this episode of The O'Reilly Podcast. Hear Ben Sharma share the use case of one of the first Hadoop projects Zaloni worked on, learn about the evolution of Hadoop, tools in the space, and hear why companies are moving towards real-time decision-making by leveraging Hadoop based tools, like Zaloni's data Lake management platform. Listen to the Podcast here


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About the Author

Kelly  Hopkins Schupp

Kelly Schupp is Vice President of Marketing for Zaloni. Kelly has 20 years of experience in the enterprise software and technology industry. She has held a variety of global marketing leadership roles, and previously worked at IBM, Micromuse and Porter Novelli. Kelly serves as Zaloni’s brand steward and is deeply passionate about the impact of data-driven marketing.

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