Building a Data Lake - Checklist for Success

June 28, 2016 Kelly Hopkins Schupp

Whether you are building a data lake or thinking about a more modern approach to your big data architecture, we at Zaloni have developed a checklist of high-level considerations to help with your planning. Use this list as a communication tool to inform and engage diverse stakeholders across your organization, from the C-Suite (CDO, CIO, CTO) to developers and lines of business.

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Big Data Lake Checklist for Success Image

Data lakes best address today’s data realities: much greater data volumes and varieties, higher expectations from users, and the rapid globalization of economies. At Zaloni, we help clients implement data lakes with the management and governance capabilities in place to ensure scalable, actionable data lakes for now and into the future.

For more information, view the following resources:


Data Lake Maturity Model                           Sink or Swim? Architecting the data lake to drive, survive and thrive amid digital disruption.

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Kelly  Hopkins Schupp

Kelly Schupp is Vice President of Marketing for Zaloni. Kelly has 20 years of experience in the enterprise software and technology industry. She has held a variety of global marketing leadership roles, and previously worked at IBM, Micromuse and Porter Novelli. Kelly serves as Zaloni’s brand steward and is deeply passionate about the impact of data-driven marketing.

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