Personalized Medicine, Enabled by the Arriving Tsunami of Clinical Data

February 22, 2016 John Poonnen

The promise of personalized medicine can only be realized by marrying life sciences and biotechnology. In doing so, we can leverage the vast amounts of biological data that clinicians, the patients themselves, and their wearable medical devices can gather and share.  Expanding medical knowledge resources on the Internet provides patients with the opportunity to proactively learn about their own medical conditions and various treatment options. Further, they can collaboratively work with their physicians and care team to benefit from the “new health”.

For a single individual, hundreds of gigabytes of information can be gathered from many tissue and cell types, at multiple time points, and under varying environmental conditions. The collected data sets can provide answers to the causes of disease and the best treatments for disease, both at the individual level and at the diseased subpopulation level. 

This clinical and wearable/sensor generated data deluge will need to be managed with high performance data lakes and sophisticated predictive analytics.  Integrating such data and constructing predictive models requires advanced approaches now employed mostly by physicists and climatologists. Managed data lakes and providing self-service access to data sets will be fundamental components of clinical data management and health informatics. 

Personalized medicine, when enabled by a strong foundational data management infrastructure such as a managed data lake, takes into account individual genetic differences and other patient-population reported data.  Where traditionally doctors just used past family history, socioeconomic circumstances, environmental factors they will now be assisted in personalized medicine by genetic testing, proteomic profiling, metabolomics analysis and a host of other scientific techniques that will become ubiquitous in the immediate future.  

To learn more about managed data lakes, foundational data management platforms for health and life sciences, watch our on demand webinar on Health Informatics and Managed Data Lakes:

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