Thoughts from Ben: Looking Ahead into 2015

March 18, 2015 Ben Sharma


2014 certainly ended with a bang. And 2015 is already off to an explosive start. Zaloni is growing quickly, a direct result of our laser focus on developing the best data management platform for our customers, and delivering beyond expectations.

As I look forward and into 2015, I see continued growth, new product development, new customers, expanded roles within our existing customer base, and a lot of time on the road! It’s going to be an exciting year, and we’re very happy you’re along with us for the ride. 

In his recent State of the Union, President Obama placed a great deal of emphasis on the importance of technology as a means for accelerating economic growth, innovation, and increased job opportunities. The intersection of the Internet of Things and Big Data is an important one – one that requires forward-thinking and innovation. With the massive volumes of data being created each and every day, it is critical that we are using that data. At Zaloni, we are committed to developing solutions that directly address our customers needs – specifically that means listening to their needs, and using that information as we develop our product roadmap, and gathering their feedback as we release updates and new products. Without that, we would not be contributing to economic growth, we would not be focused on innovation, and we would not be creating job opportunities. And most importantly, we would not be creating products that help our customers use the data that they are creating in a way that is meaningful and helps drive innovation within their own organizations. 


The idea of using data to create business value is not new, however, the idea of effectively using that data as a competitive advantage is still quite new. And customers large and small are looking for better ways to derive insights from all of their data – structured, unstructured, machine data, and online and mobile data, to provide the basis for historical, statistical and predictive views. Customers are counting on big data to lead the way to them beating the competition, and the companies that invest in solutions that make it easier, faster and more cost effective to manage their massive volumes of data, will win.

With that in mind, we are continuing our customer focus initiative. Spending a great deal of time on the road, onsite with our customers, understanding how all areas of their business are using, or would like to use, data. Working side by side to develop the solutions that help them get to the point where decisions can be made based on data driven insight, including: customer profitability, product profitability, customer acquisition, customer retention, market segmentation, performance management, supply chain, and so much more.

We are also focusing on creating additional resources for customers and those generally interested in Hadoop-based Data Management – such as white papers, eBooks, Developer’s Corner technical blog posts, webinars, and more.


We are spending the 2015 working on executing on our vision for the Intelligent Data Lake. We are investing heavily in product development, creating tools that make it easier for customers to get more value out of their data lake. This includes tools such as self-service transformation and analytics. And ultimately offering our customers a truly end-to-end solution. 


At the end of this year it is my expectation that we will look back through the year and realize that we have once again double revenue, and that we have created new and exciting products that help our customer derive the greatest value from their data lakes. I would love to talk personally with you about your data needs, whether you are a customer or not, we are focused on developing the best product – and that means understand the thoughts and needs of the market as a whole. Reach out , let’s talk.






About the Author

Ben Sharma

Ben Sharma, is CEO and co-founder of Zaloni. He is a passionate technologist with experience in business development, solutions architecture, and service delivery of big data, analytics and enterprise infrastructure solutions. Having previously worked in management positions for NetApp, Fujitsu and others, Ben’s expertise ranges from business development to production deployment in a wide array of technologies including Hadoop, HBase, databases, virtualization and storage. Ben is the co-author of Java in Telecommunications and holds two patents. He received his MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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