Turnkey Data Lake for Business Insights

August 10, 2018 Kelly Schupp, VP, Data-Driven Marketing

A scalable data lake with the proper governance can ensure the self-service you need to enhance your visualization and business intelligence tools. But often, the time and resources it takes to stand up a data lake of this magnitude is challenging.

By deploying a turnkey data lake that supports an actionable self-service data catalog, you can reduce your dependency on IT resources for access to data. You can confidently deliver your most valuable insights to business uses, data consumers and directly to integrations with business intelligence and visualization tools.

The race is on when it comes to using enterprise data for competitive advantage – in nearly every industry. The faster you make your managed data lake valuable to those who consume data, the sooner you can get more value from your data: develop new products and services, provide better customer experiences, identify incremental revenue streams, and more.

Typically it can take at least six months to stand up a data lake, hydrate it and make it ready for business users. To significantly slash this timeline to weeks, we’ve launched a new solution designed to make implementing an analytics-ready data lake as risk-free, fast and cost-effective as possible. The solution provides all of the components enterprises need to deploy, organize, govern and access a data lake – and ensures everything is seamlessly integrated. We also provide and support the Hadoop distribution or cloud services to save you the time and effort it takes to identify and choose a vendor that you can be sure your software supports. And, we bring the technical expertise and insights derived from hundreds of implementations, which is critical in helping companies achieve success.

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A cost-effective, DataOps approach

Zaloni's turnkey solution does more than make your data lake production ready. It also provides transparency into all data regardless of its location across the organization, including siloed data systems, legacy databases and hybrid architectures. Furthermore, it supports a collaborative framework increasingly being referred to as “DataOps”– a leading-edge strategy to align data managers and data consumers by enabling access while providing centralized control and governance. In other words, our solution is key to helping you balance the priorities of IT (governance, control, data management) with the priorities of business end users  (easy access, speed and flexibility).

Zaloni's all-in-one turnkey solution includes support for Hadoop distribution and cloud services, the Zaloni Data Platform, ingestion services, and enablement and support. We are offering tiered pricing based on number of cores and file types. 

Turnkey Data Lake Solution Overview

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