Zaloni Fosters Change: Little Steps to Help Those in Need

January 17, 2017 Pubali Borthakur

It all started when the Zaloni CSR Team decided to initiate Vastram-Repo a Clothes Bank in our office to help the underprivileged people living in extreme need. Many employees showed keen interest to help the deprived by donating clothes. To support and continue this effort, we came up with a cloth donation plan. Collecting the clothes both new and used was fast and easy; the difficulty was in reaching out to those in dire need. It was then that we first visited ‘Nirmal Ashray’, along with many other homes, with the aim to share whatever we had in our Vastram-Repo. "An easy way to help the helpless- donate clothes" was our motto- but it guided the team to take a step ahead.



With our first visit to this Short Stay Home we realized that what seemed trivial to us, brought in a big difference to many- the used clothes fetched smiles to the new owners and the dispensable toys became indispensable to many small wonders. We felt we could do more by providing the residents with some necessities of life they needed so much.

Kuwali, our team member, shares her experience, "Each time I visit Nirmal Ashray, my perspective of life changes a little, for the better. The children of the residents are so cheerful and joyful despite the minimal resources they possess. This fills me with immense hope. It makes me utterly happy that we from the Zaloni family are doing our tiny bit in the rehabilitation of these women and children."

‘Nirmal Ashray’ as the name suggests, is a serene shelter to many homeless women and their children in distress. Located in Guwahati, it started in the year 1987 and is managed by Association for Social Health in India (ASHI), Assam Branch. The residents of this home have been victims of domestic violence, marital discord, social ostracism, exploitation and assaults creating an emotional turmoil within them. A dedicated team there tries to provide support in terms of their physical, social and psychological needs so that they can re-adjust to the world which they left years back.



This is where Zaloni had an impact on their lives on January 11, 2017. It was during the joyous festival of ‘Magh Bihu’ when a team of 19 employees visited to celebrate some happy moments with them. Jyotish, Technical Manager at Zaloni says, "Such initiatives give us strength and inspiration to contribute towards a good cause and work for the benefit of the society”.

Besides giving away few essentialities for this winter season, we also spent some quality moments with the residents. It was an introspective time for us as well, helping us appreciate the value of all that we have. It was equally inspiring to know that this Association also runs a crèche that provides free service to the working parents from the underprivileged section. It helps them to get a safe and economical place for their kids while they toil for their daily living. Mudita, whom we could see playing with the kids tells us, “The moments of a smile on the faces of the little children when they received those chocolates… did bring a smile on my face. Thanks to Zaloni!".  



The residents of Nirmal Ashray have found different ways of rejuvenating themselves by making beautiful handicrafts like table mats, handkerchiefs, aprons, flowers and a lot! They are being provided special training to equip themselves with such skills for their life ahead. We bought many such invaluable products from them.



"Be helpful, be joyful", with this belief, we at Zaloni have experienced the immense satisfaction from whatever little we could do for those in ‘Nirmal Ashray’, and this is just the beginning. Our goal is to partner with ‘Nirmal Ashray’ and provide the residents the small support that they require to take their lives forward. If you want to join hands and make a difference, please contact us to spread smiles among those fellow beings whose life’s journey has been a wee bit rough till now. Let’s come together and serve!

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Pubali Borthakur

Sr. Manager - Staff Development & Talent Management HR, Admin & Operations - Guwahati, India HR, Admin & Operations

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