Zaloni Zip: Managed Ingestion

November 8, 2016 Adam Diaz

The classic method for data ingestion in Hadoop relies on a number of different technologies each with its own configuration and scaling issues. These technologies require expertise to correctly ingest the data and ensure the ingest meets the SLAs of the organization.

The video below shows the variation across data sources and the Hadoop distribution chosen.

Managed ingestion is more than just using scripts to automate the movement of data into your Data Lake. This means not only having a defined repeatable process for data ingest but also having a way to manage the ingestion.

A managed process of ingestion gives you the tooling to programatically address a consistent process of data movement into your system. In cases where that process has issues, it provides the means for delving into the root cause of the failure.

For more information on managed ingestion and data lakes, visit our Platform or read more on our blog.

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