Customer Loyalty for World's Largest Credit Card Issuer

March 5, 2017

Driving Innovation in Customer Loyalty Through the Use of a Unified Data Platform

Customer Loyalty Zaloni Case StudyThe world’s largest global credit card issuer chose Zaloni to create a unified data lake platform to drive an innovative new customer loyalty program.

Creating an Innovative Customer Retention Program

The world’s largest global credit card issuer wanted to create a large, global, innovative customer retention program with rewards that could be “cashed-in” across multiple brands and industries, including larger retailers, financial institutions, care rental companies, global telecom providers, and insurance companies. In order to obtain an enriched understanding of all members in the loyalty program, the global card Issuer needed to gather information from a wide variety of sources, including data from multiple merchants and financial services companies and their loyalty programs, and bring all of the information into one unified platform for further processing.

Visualizing Behavior-Driven Marketing

The card issuer had been working successfully with Zaloni for several years, developing a number of Big Data solutions for other areas of the business; it was an easy choice for them to choose Zaloni for this new project. Zaloni developed two custom-built, Big Data solutions to manage the loyalty program – a counter application that created a fluid and interactive visualization solution that offers different dimensional views on the data and provides the ability to summarize it on selection for analysis, and a population planner which provided a closed loop application that streamlines marketing processes – tying marketing campaign information to a card member and learning their behavior.

Achieving a 360-Degree View of Customers 

Zaloni successfully and quickly launched a custom Hadoop application, the card issuer obtained an enhanced 360-customer view, launched a new program increasing customer engagement and interaction, revenue and long-term loyalty, and facilitated data governance, data access, data integration, and comprehensive analytics with an easy to access, reliable Hadoop platform. The Zaloni solution has enabled the World’s Largest Global Credit Card Issuer to streamline its marketing processes by developing fluid and interactive visualizations that offer different views on data based on demographics, geographics, and other criteria for highly selective analytics. Over one million customers signed up during the first three weeks of the new program, and today over 22 million customers are using the new customer retention system, with more than one million hits every day.

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