Data-Driven Decisions at Every Point in the Healthcare Continuum

March 5, 2017

UnitedHealth Group Zaloni Case StudyUnitedHealth Group’s Optum leveraged Zaloni Bedrock to build an innovative healthcare intelligence platform that enables them to monitor and load streaming feeds from hundreds of data sources.


Optum’s health intelligence platforms gather knowledge from hundreds of millions of patient interactions and deliver actionable data directly to healthcare organizations and service providers. In fact, Optum is the leading information and technology-enabled health services business in the world. Optum needed a Big Data solution partner that could provide the necessary functionality and expertise for the company’s new healthcare project – a big data platform that would enable healthcare organizations to centralize their data assets into a cost-effective and highly scalable processing system, providing their customers with more timely information and unique insights to improve decision making and facilitate data exploration at every point along the healthcare continuum. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality were also key because the company’s healthcare intelligence solutions process large amounts of private healthcare data.


Optum selected Zaloni’s Bedrock Data Management Platform ™ because of all of the solutions they looked at; Bedrock was the only solution that provided an end-to-end, comprehensive, Hadoop-based solution. Optum could have built their own solution, however they would have had to solve for significant problems that Bedrock has already addressed – such as concurrent, streamed ingestion, data transformation, data preparation, data access, and data quality. Bedrock controls for who can put data into the data lake, and keeps track of all data actions via metadata. Bedrock also takes care of pre-ingest actions, workspace support, multi-tenancy, metadata driven quality checking, record-level security tagging, and enhanced notification and manageability.


With the Bedrock-based big data platform fully deployed Optum is able to monitor and load streaming feeds from over 100 data sources, representing over 500 TB of raw data files. With Bedrock, all of Optum’s ingestion processes are expertly managed and scheduled.

  • Leveraged Zaloni Bedrock to quickly build a new data lake for healthcare intelligence application
  • Gained the ability to keep data ingestion controlled, managed and well organized
  • Reduced IT costs by using pre-built and tested Zaloni management solution
  • Enabled internal developers to focus on adding unique value to the new healthcare solution
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