Telecom Industry-Compliant Data Lake and Analytics

April 27, 2017

du, one of the largest telecom operators in the Middle East, wanted to use its data for advanced analytics to continuously improve their customer experience.

Zaloni Customer Success - du, Dirk Jungnickel

Before the data lake: du was unable to ingest network, business and other data sources, including geo-location data into an enterprise-wide data platform, while meeting stringent security requirements. Also, the customer could no longer verify its service quality reports in its Teradata systems, as the volume of the data sets was too great for the system to ingest it cost-effectively. 

With the data lake: The data lake provided data governance capabilities (metadata, schemas), processing workflows, processing engines and role-based access to the data and the tools in a highly secure multi-tenant environment. It also provided business end users with visualization tools such as QLIKView, which enabled them to interactively query the data with drill-downs and roll-ups.

Results: The customer was able to measure its mobile network quality of service at the subscriber level, which will allow them to optimize the value of the network and continue to improve its customer experience. Additionally, Zaloni’s platform will enable them to monetize their data by using it to develop new customer offerings.

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