Advance your analytics using the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) and AWS

Data lakes and safe data discovery

Data lakes are increasingly used to harness and derive value from large volumes of data. They typically contain wide varieties of structured and unstructured data, with unique requirements for access, data governance, data management, and compliance. 

Structured data, like a spreadsheet, is organized into rows and columns, readily searchable, and easy to analyze. Unstructured data— such as chat log files, time-series data, or social media data—is more challenging to analyze.

Self-service data lake operations can help enterprises accelerate time-to-value for analytics initiatives and enable data users to discover and provision their own data sets. Yet self-service data lakes also need to be governed, compliant with regulations, and secured.

In this eBook, learn how the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you effectively govern and manage data lakes. Learn how data catalogs can provide a data marketplace and safely enable data discovery across your enterprise.

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Architecting Data Lakes

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