Providing a 360-Degree Customer View to Drive Loyalty Program

March 5, 2017

Customer Loyalty Zaloni Case StudyThe world’s largest global credit card issuer wanted to create an innovative customer retention program with rewards that could be “cashed-in” across multiple brands and industries, including larger retailers, financial institutions, car rental companies, global telecom providers and insurance companies.

Before the data lake: The company did not have enough detailed information about its members to support a targeted customer retention strategy. It was unable to pull big data from a wide variety of sources into a unified platform and give marketers access to the data needed for customer targeting. 

With the data lake: The customer could access a single repository for all customer data. The solution facilitated data governance, data access and data integration. In addition, a fluid and interactive visualization platform offered different dimensional views on the data and enabled marketers to profile customers on selection (based on demographics, geography, etc.) for analysis. The data could be accessed by the loyalty reporting and analytics team that needed to use the scores and recommendations and work on the overall process flow.

Results: The customer was able to launch and maintain an effective customer loyalty program that encouraged more than 1 million customers to sign up in three weeks. The program now supports more than 22 million customers

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Cloud-Based Data Lake for Customer 360º and Marketing Analytics Applications

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