Centralized Data and Governed Access for Advanced Analytics

A leading global financial institution, with more than 47 million consumer and business customers and 4,500 retail centers around the world, wanted to create a centralized resource for its enormous volumes of data so that it can more easily be accessed by IT teams and various lines of business for data and analytics initiatives.


The organization had a very complex data environment. As a first step towards its ultimate goal, the company needs to collect and integrate metadata from a multitude of different databases, systems and files, as well as standardize the tagging of data to help ensure data governance and quality.


Zaloni helped the organization implement a unified data platform using Zaloni’s Data Management Platform (ZDP) in order to create an active data hub that provides governed, self-service access to data for multiple lines of business. A data catalog with global search and filtering enables users to find relevant, high-quality and secure data, and reduce time to analytics and insight.

In the initial phase of the project, Zaloni’s Ingestion Wizard, which automates and operationalizes data ingestion and many post-ingestion tasks such as data enrichment, was used to rapidly and consistently catalog existing data. In addition, ZDP automated application of the technical, operational and business metadata required for data governance across the organization and track data lineage to ensure data quality and integrity.


The organization is leading the industry in the sophistication of its big data initiatives, with its commitment to automation, standardization and advanced data profiling. Upon completion of the first phase of this project, the organization has applied an enterprise-wide, standardized and very robust “meta file” to all data, which makes data more understandable and usable for self-service data preparation and analytics.

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