Cloud-Based Enterprise Data Lake Provides Shared Access Across Lines of Business

As companies continue to collect large amounts of data, many of them are looking to leverage that data to uncover new revenue streams. A leading stock exchange based in Canada, was looking for a way to organize and manage their data lake so they could monetize their proprietary data and increase shareholder value.

Challenge: The company needed to build a flexible and scalable on-demand data lake on AWS with centralized governance, management and monitoring capabilities. The company ran into some technical challenges trying to integrate several 3rd party technologies and validate their AWS stack. The company also ran into trouble trying to ingest and transform data streams since they had a large variety of file formats.

Solution: The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) on AWS provided end-to-end data lake management, governance and self-service access to data scientists and business users within the company through a data catalog. Additionally, ZDP enabled automated data ingestion; metadata management; data governance such as lineage, data quality and privacy and security; and data lifecycle management. The following diagram outlines a reference solution architecture for a cloud-based data lake. Note how data flows through the AWS components and the Zaloni Data Platform thereby creating a cloud-based data lake that is governed and scalable.


Results: ZDP has allowed the company to centralize and manage an AWS data lake giving governed access to analysts and data scientists. These end users have broader, yet controlled access to the data and are able to analyze the data to uncover new revenue streams to monetize their proprietary data and increase shareholder value.

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