We've got a lot to show you at Strata + Hadoop World in New York

October 15, 2014

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Matt MacKinnon, the Director of Product Management at Zaloni. I've been on board since February and am excited about the work we're doing here. We are in New York this week to exhibit at Strata + Hadoop World, and we've got a lot to show you!

But first, for those of you that might be hearing about Zaloni and Bedrock for the first time, we are a Big Data product & services company. We've been working with Hadoop since 2009—we have loads of real enterprise class production Hadoop experience.   

We've also developed a Data Management platform for Hadoop called Bedrock.  

When you are deploying Hadoop and building a Hadoop data lake, your goal is to analyze and use the data to drive business value. However, before you can analyze and visualize big data, it must be collected, organized and prepared for use. This is the heavy lifting and time-consuming part of big data. 

Bedrock is all about simplifying, automating and scaling this data pipeline—collecting, organizing and preparing data in Hadoop for analytics. The less time you spend on this data pipeline, the more time you can spend on the higher value activities and deriving real business value from your data.

Our Bedrock platform has seen some major enhancements in the last few months so we've got some great new things that we'll be showing for the first time at Strata + Hadoop World. 

We have a new Inventory dashboard, giving the user a powerful way to visualize the data that has been ingested into Hadoop. We've modeled the interaction based on very common online shopping interfaces, so if you've ever done any online shopping, you should be able to use this in a matter of seconds. 

We've developed a Query builder, providing a drag and drop UI for building queries that reduces some of the typical IT barriers to adhoc data analysis and exploration. It enables business users and data scientists to develop extracts and datasets for analysis or use in analytics applications.

We've added Data Quality capabilities so that you can define and test quality standards as part of your Hadoop Data Lake ingestion process. This is metadata driven, has predefined rules for things like date of birth fields, allows you to define your own rules, and of course includes the workflow actions to check the data quality rules and report on the results

Finally, we've been following the development of Spark for some time and have a few Spark related projects with our customers underway, and we have added Spark support to Bedrock. We'll be announcing Spark certification this week, and we are ready to demonstrate Spark and SparkSQL workflow actions as well as having our Query Builder define and submit SparkSQL queries. 

There are also many other smaller enhancements that make Bedrock easier to use, easier to integrate into other IT systems, and a deeper level of user access control.

Our booth at the Strata + Hadoop World Expo is #121 and we'll be there with live demo's of Bedrock, including a sneak peak at what’s coming in Bedrock 3.1, and examples of customer use cases. If you’re in New York this week, and attending Strata + Hadoop World be sure to drop by and introduce yourself, we’d be happy to spend some 1:1 time with you.

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