Report: Big Data Management Software for the Data-Driven Enterprise

February 23, 2017

An exclusive report from Eckerson Group about data pipeline, data preparation and data catalogs.

Everyone is a stakeholder in a data-driven enterprise. Likewise, almost everyone is concerned with the tooling to manage the big data lifecycle. From business people engaged with self-service analytics, to data scientists, data analysts, and data professionals from BI and IT organizations, it seems that nearly everyone is both a consumer and a provider of data.

Big data management software spans the data lifecycle supporting data profiling, transformation, enrichment, cleansing, matching and other functions. It is the glue that binds a big data environment together, fostering continuous alignment of data with dynamic and changing business needs.

In this report by Dave Wells, Research Analyst with Eckerson Group, you will learn:

  • The kinds of tools that are needed to meet the challenges of big data
  • The purpose, functions, and characteristics of data preparation tools
  • The purpose, functions, and characteristics of pipeline management tools
  • The purpose, functions, and characteristics of data cataloging tools
  • The role of big data management tools for high-impact analytics
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