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The Data Imperative White Paper 8.13.18

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2 www.zaloni.com Introduction In today's world, sta c predictability has become a thing of the past. It's becoming harder to generate the same report twice. Tradi onally the business world was Newtonian – fixed, measurable, predictable and it's now Quantum – fluid, probabilis c and unpredictable. The days of machines in basements prin ng monthly reports are over and that level of sta c predictability is gone. When we think of big data we think of four V's: volume, variety, velocity and veracity, but in today's world the new "V" is vola lity. We have unprecedented vola lity in nearly every marketplace. As we con nue to experience these technology and digital transforma ons that disrupt industries and how we do business, it's cri cal that businesses take the steps necessary to stay relevant and compe ve. Once upon a me a company could live 60-70 years on the S&P 500. Now it averages 15 years due to disrup ons in the marketplace. This equates to a massive epidemic for today's company. So how do you strengthen the corporate immune system for that kind of failure? There are two ways. First you "automate the knowns" by automa ng repeatable tasks such as payroll. Next you "augment the unknowns" by augmen ng a human's ability to do a be er job with uncertainty and vola lity. This can happen in a variety of ways, you can correct biases, you can run "what if" simula ons and you can improve cogni on by having more revelate informa on at your disposal. In order to have relevant informa on to improve cogni on, you need to democra ze access to your data. You want to empower your business to leverage the data they need, faster, and not get bo lenecked because of internal permissions and governance policies. It's become impera ve that a company has access to the right data when they need it. It's our posi on that data lakes—centralized repositories for raw data from mul ple sources that can be made available to many users for nearly any purpose—will become essen al to data democra za on. With the right data lake to democra ze the flow of data, you can customize marke ng campaigns for a demographic of one so you can avoid abandoned carts and close more deals. You can address changing regula ons in real me, because all of your interna onal legal data is up to date. You can build products and services that delight your customers because you have deep customer insights. You can build a data lake that democra zes your data with a self-service data pla orm that provides fresh, accurate data to the right people at the right me. This paper will discuss: · The benefits of a self-service data lake · A holis c approach to opera onalize the data lake · The most common use cases for data lakes today In order to have relevant informa on to improve cogni on, you need to democra ze access to your data.

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