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Data Platform Modernization Solution Brief 12.18.18

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MODERNIZE YOUR DATA ARCHITECTURE WITH A GOVERNED SELF-SERVICE DATA PLATFORM Zaloni makes it 75% faster to build and scale a data lake – stand up a data lake and modernize your data pla orm in 8 weeks. Data Platform Modernization Solution Brief 1 It's impera ve for your company to leverage data in new ways for compe ve advantage – but your current data infrastructure isn't up to the task. You need a solu on to modernize your on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment and an expert partner to help you get a more modern data pla orm up and running fast. Zaloni's Data Pla orm Moderniza on solu on is turnkey, simplifying and speeding data lake implementa on in any environment. The key to success is automa on: the Zaloni Data Pla orm (ZDP) opera onalizes repeatable processes throughout the en re data pipeline, from inges on to analy cs. • Migrate your data to the data lake with our industrial-strength inges on solu on that cuts me and effort by 75-90% and automates future inges ons from any source • Orchestrate and automate workflows and data prepara on to efficiently scale opera ons • Automa cally capture metadata, including opera onal, technical and business metadata for data quality and governance • Integrate with your exis ng data management infrastructure to efficiently scale or opera onalize workflows using your IT team's exis ng processes THE DATA LAKE COMPANY

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