Data Lake Maturity Model

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The Maturity Model We have seen what a data lake is, how it is structured, what tools are used to process the data, and how business users can benefit from it. It is now time to consider the data lake maturity model and learn how to rate your organization's place in it. As Figure 1-2 depicts, the five levels in the Zaloni Maturity Model are Ignore, Store, Govern, Automate, and Optimize. In the rest of this report, we consider each level of the model from the viewpoint of data, technology, people, and processes. Note that each of these four factors might have reached a different level in your company—often, technology sprints ahead of people and processes and therefore is not used as effectively as its level would suggest. At this level, organizations are still conducting business the way that all have in the past: consulting data only through quarterly reports or canned dashboards, keeping most of their data in the dark where no one uses it, and making decisions mostly on intuition and per‐ sonal experience. They realize that they are not making full use of their data and technology infrastructure, but it still "does the trick" for them. Not being able to think of better uses for data, they go on with business as usual until they are bumped out of their market by more dynamic companies. Most organizations today, unfortunately, are at the Ignore level. The information in this report can help you rise out of it. The Maturity Model | 17

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