Data Lake Maturity Model

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Conclusion Big data is such a game changer in business that many observers ascribe to it a new Industrial Revolution (assign an integer of your choice). Institutions throughout government and society will also need to adopt big data and analytics to keep up. Thus, data lakes should be a focus of research and growth in all organizations. Democratization of data and analytics is a pressing task, given the power (and potential misuses) of data. We need to make it easier for more people to design their own queries and analytics. The data lake is a major step toward democratization because it promotes self- service. Other prerequisites are education—such as this report— about how data lakes work and a new layer of easy-to-use tools that are just beginning to emerge. Despite the glamour of machine learning, which seems to extract intelligent actions from raw data, a lot of careful processing and human thought must go into making data work. This report has laid out the problems data brings and suggests some of the planning and governance organizations need in order to derive value. Indeed, although technology is central to exploiting data, the tech‐ nology will just spin its wheels if it's not coordinated. Governance is necessary to make all aspects of the data lake—the data, technology, people, and processes—move forward together. If one lags behind, your company's investments in the other three can hang awkwardly in the air, beautiful looking but unproductive. Top-level management must be alert to the achievements as well as the unmet needs within their organization. The Zaloni Maturity Model can aid in management's task. Now that you have read an overview of the five stages of the maturity model, you should regu‐ larly use the checklist that follows (generated by subject matter experts at Zaloni) to evaluate your organization. Conclusion | 33

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