Data Lake Maturity Model

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Checklist for Success Questions and Best Practices to Consider on Your Strategic Path Forward This section covers the best practices and questions to consider for each critical area covered in this report: • Data • Technology • People • Processes Data Checklist: • What kind of data is relevant to your company? — How much data do we have in total? — How quickly does the data need to be ready? — How much data do we query at a time and how often do we query? — Where is the data located, and where does it come from? — What do we want to do with the data and how are we going to access it? • What kind of data will you ingest into the data lake? — What kind of data is relevant to our business? — What is the context, lineage, and frequency of the data? — What is the security level (public, internal, sensitive, restric‐ ted) of the incoming data? — Document the creation, usage, privacy, regulatory, and encryption business rules that apply to the incoming data. — Who are the data owners (sponsors) of the ingested data? — Who is the data steward(s) charged with monitoring the health of the specific data sets? 34 | The Data Lake Maturity Model

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