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Transforming a Passive Data Catalog into an Active Data Hub

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6 www.zaloni.com • Step 3: Ac on the enriched data one LOB at a me. This should be a discrete enhancement, done separately from steps 1 and 2. This step is where you'll see the power of the ac ve data hub. This, to us, is Level 3 in the data maturity model. Business users will be empowered to take the enriched data defini ons and underlying data, and deliver it to their business applica ons. Furthermore, the data hub keeps everything coordinated and updated as the enriched data builds and changes. Putting it into practice: Real-world case studies Following are some case studies that illustrate how a unified ac ve data hub resulted in real business value for leading global companies in various industries. Global Financial Insitution A leading global financial ins tu on, with more than 47 million consumer and business customers and 4,500 retail centers around the world. The company wanted to create a centralized resource for its enormous volumes of data so that it could more easily be accessed by IT teams and various lines of business for data and analy cs ini a ves. Solution: Self-service data hub that provided centralized data management and governance, and enabled self-service for data consumers and lines of business through its data catalog capability. Results: • Data consumers could quickly find relevant, high-quality and accurate data through a shopping cart experience • Enabled new analy cs use cases across the organiza on • Ensured regulatory compliance Financial Services and Stock Exchange Company An industry leading financial services and stock exchange company based in Canada, with more than 1,200 stores in 17 states, was looking for a way to organize and manage their data lake so they could mone ze their proprietary data and increase shareholder value. Solution: Unified self-service data hub pla orm to ingest organize, manage and govern data and provide governed self-service access to data consumers. Results: • Enabled new use case to mone ze proprietary data • Ensured regulatory compliance Real-world Case Studies: • Global Financial Insitution • Financial Services and Stock Exchange Company • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical company

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