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Quickly Integrate 3rd Party Data for Responsible Investing

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SOLUTION BRIEF © 2019, Zaloni, Inc. All rights reserved. Leveraging 3rd Party Data with ZDP Responsible Investing is a concept gaining far more momentum in today's economy. It's an approach where financial institutions and investors take social and environmental factors into consideration along with financial performance when making investment decisions. By understanding the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors of investments, risk management improves, and the probability of generating sustainable and long-term returns with a positive impact becomes more attainable. Integrating ESG data with traditional financial data can help financial asset management organizations provide their portfolio managers with the insights required to provide responsible investing options to their customers. However, these organizations are facing challenges with data duplication and the ability to enrich and provision the data easily to business and analytics applications or environments resulting in reduced time to insight and increased costs. Crea ng a Reliable Financial Founda on Many companies are leveraging ESG data from a variety of 3rd party data suppliers and sources. Though it is convenient to have accessibility to these types of data sets, there are issues that arise with this method. First, the issue of duplicating information arises as overlapping data sets occur. Data duplication results in large overhead costs to maintain the storage necessary to house all company data as well as the additional issue of understanding data quality and knowing which data is secure and can be trusted. Furthermore, ESG data sets from providers such as Sustainanalytics, RepRisk, Thomson Reuters can be costly especially if a data set has to be purchased again because the raw data set was not preserved and data quality is unknown. From previous work using common 3rd party data sets, we are able to provide new customers with a fast-start by initiating pre-populated entity models, data quality rules and transformations to common ESG 3rd party data sets. This includes robust business metadata that can expedite the adoption of new 3rd party data sets into an existing environment. Implementing the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) fast tracks a companies route to success, as the entirety of its data is managed through a single, unified platform with data visibility, self-service preparation capabilities and automated metadata collection and data pipelines. Additionally, ZDP provides its users with self-service access to trusted, secure data that is not only readily available, but reliable for financial investments. Quickly Integrate 3rd Party Data for Responsible Inves ng with the Zaloni Data Pla orm (ZDP)

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