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ZALONI INGESTION FACTORY Industrial strength ingestion reduces time to analytics by 75% Preparing data for inges on into the data lake is typically a resource-intensive, highly manual process that can add months to the produc on schedule leaving less bandwidth for actual analy cs and significantly lowering a data lake's return on investment. Therefore, many enterprises are looking for a faster, reliable and more cost-effec ve way to do high-volume, managed inges on for data in the data lake. "Data-driven enterprises already know this: It takes too long to implement most DataOps technologies. Zaloni's Ingestion Factory accelerates that too- often underestimated time from purchase to value recognition." - Toph Whitmore, Blue Hill Research's principal analyst for Big Data & Analy cs Ingestion Factory Solution Brief 1 Accelerate data lake ingestion while ensuring governance and manageability To drama cally speed up data inges on in the data lake, Zaloni's Inges on Factory helps an enterprise successfully hydrate and organize a produc on data lake within eight weeks. In fact, Inges on Factory can cut the effort it takes to define ini al inges on processes by 75-90% and make subsequent inges on of similar data types essen ally real- me. The solu on combines Zaloni's technology and services; businesses work with Zaloni experts to develop the architecture to move beyond a proof-of-concept (POC) to a produc on-ready data lake, and leverage Zaloni's Bedrock Data Lake Management and Governance Pla orm for the metadata management, data governance, security and privacy capabili es required for an enterprise-grade data lake. THE DATA LAKE COMPANY Figure 1: Inges on Factory leverages Zaloni's Inges on Factory Framework, professional services team and its Bedrock Data Lake Management and Governance Pla orm. Inges on Factory is a complete solu on that enables an organiza on to hydrate its data lake the right way, right from the start. By simplifying and automa ng data lake inges on and data prepara on processes, Zaloni's Inges on Factory solu on makes produc on-ready data lakes a reality for more businesses.

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