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Figure 1-2. An example of automated metadata registration from Zaloni Looking Ahead Another level of automation is related to data processing. Vendors are looking at ways to make recommendations for the automation of data processing based on data ingestion and previous pre-processing of similar datasets. For example, at the time you ingest new data in the platform, the solution provides a suggestion to the user like "this looks like customer data and the last time you got similar data you applied these transformations, masked these fields, and set up a data lifecycle policy." There is also an increased interest around using metadata to under‐ stand context. For example, an interesting project going on at UC Berkeley, called Ground, is looking at new ways to allow people to understand data context using open source and vendor neutral technology. The goal of Ground is to enable users to reason about what data they have, where that data is flowing to and from, who is 18 | Chapter 1: Understanding Metadata: Create the Foundation for a Scalable Data Architecture

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