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Turnkey Data Lake Solution Brief 8.15.18

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ZALONI DATA LAKE IN A BOX When it comes to leveraging big data for business insights, enterprises need to overcome two major hurdles. First, breaking down data silos for transparency into all data regardless of its loca on. And second, balancing the priori es of IT – governance, control, data management – with the priori es of line-of-business/ end users, who want easy access, speed and flexibility. "Operationalizing data lakes has proven much harder and taken much longer than most enterprises would want. This process typically involves manually cobbling together a large number of disparate tools, and then trying to support that mess going forwards. Zaloni integrates all the essential capabilities and best practices and packages them up, delivering quality and productivity right out of the box." - Nik Rouda, Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Data Lake in a Box Factory Solution Brief 1 Analytics-ready data lake in 8 weeks Companies today need to be able to leverage business insights and mone ze their data for compe ve advantage, so it's cri cal to reduce me to analy cs and insight. We help you confidently make the leap to becoming more data- driven by reducing risk and providing the exper se and technology needed to ensure success. Zaloni Data Lake in a Box leverages Zaloni's Bedrock and Mica data management and self service pla orms and inges on services to rapidly get an analy cs-ready data lake up and running and give you a comprehensive view into all of your data across the organiza on. Cost-effective, DataOps approach Zaloni Data Lake in a Box does more than make your data lake produc on ready. It supports your leading-edge strategy to align data managers and data consumers by enabling access while providing centralized control and governance – a collabora ve framework increasingly being referred to as "DataOps." By delivering an analy cs-ready data environment, Zaloni speeds up data's posi ve impact on the business and the data lake's return on investment. Zaloni Data Lake in a Box

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