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Customer 360 Solution Brief 12.13.18

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Customer 360° Solution Brief 2 Why Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) for Customer 360° A ZDP-governed data lake is the ideal pla orm for a customer 360° approach because it solves many of enterprises' long-standing challenges when it comes to tackling Customer 360°. 1. Unstructured data. A data lake enables the inges on of all data types related to the customer journey, including unstructured data, such as social media posts, reviews and emails, which are a growing, cri cal component of developing a more complete view of customers' needs and preferences. Un l governed data lakes, there has not been any effec ve way to manage, govern and prepare unstructured data to make it useable for business analy cs. 2. Data governance. With a data lake management pla orm like ZDP, enterprises can keep track of what data is in the lake and its source, format and lineage; understand data quality and ensure data reliability; implement access controls and privacy rules such as data masking and tokeniza on to ensure compliance with industry and other regula ons regula ons like the General Data Protec on Regula on (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA); and enable broader access by business users across business units to help companies get more use and value from their data. 3. Flexible business use case support. A governed data lake has the flexibility to support the many different ways business end users may want to combine customer data, including for cross-channel customer iden ty matching, targeted and personalized marke ng, customer experience improvements, loyalty program enhancements, new revenue opportuni es, and product and services development. Customer 360° Solution Architecture Crea ng "golden" or master records from mul ple data sources helps organiza ons achieve a single version of truth, as well as an enriched view of customer or product data for applica ons such as intelligent pricing, personalized marke ng, smart alerts, customized recommenda ons, and more. Tradi onally master data management (MDM) solu ons have delivered golden records with mixed results -- they can be complex, inflexible and deliver low ROI. In contrast, Zaloni offers an extension to it's pla orm called Data Master (DME). DME enables a prac cal, unique solu on for Customer or Product 360° ini a ves at the scale of big data. DME leverages the data lake to implement its machine learning data matching engine, automa ng the capture and combina on of any data type, including unstructured data. This is a new approach in the market for crea ng an integrated, consistent view of data that is efficiently maintained and can drive customer-facing applica ons.

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