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Building a Governed Data Lake with the Zaloni Data Platform for AWS

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BUILDING A GOVERNED DATA LAKE WITH ZALONI DATA PLATFORM FOR AWS ZDP + AWS Solution Brief 1 Many organiza ons are considering Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand their data lake to the cloud. As the volume and type of big data con nues to grow, AWS makes financial sense and provides much-desired on-demand processing and storage scalability. With no one-size-fits-all approach, organiza ons are building their data pla orms using mul ple deployment models, such as on-premises, hybrid, cloud and mul -cloud. However, effec vely integra ng AWS products such as S3, EMR, Glue, Kinesis/ Storage Gateway and Redshi into your data lake ecosystem can be challenging. An addi onal challenge is managing and governing the data that spans on-premises and the cloud across the enterprise. Although capturing unstructured and semi- structured data in AWS is rela vely straigh orward, AWS Glue provides only limited capability for metadata capture. Metadata is essen al for managing, migra ng, accessing and deploying big data – and leveraging many of the benefits associated with the data lake architecture. We partner with organiza ons to create an effec ve, combined solu on that provides data management and governance across pla orms and systems to meet the needs of specific use cases. Create a Governed Cloud Data Lake in AWS with ZDP The Zaloni Data Pla orm (ZDP) enables centralized, consistent data management and governance of all of your data across pla orms and systems, in the cloud or on- premises. In the AWS data lake, ZDP orchestrates data movement between the AWS storage, processing, and serving layers, while capturing metadata, maintaining an audit trail and tracking data provenance. By capturing metadata as data is ingested into the AWS data lake, ZDP enables organiza ons to confidently use AWS as a data lake for core use cases that couldn't be considered before. These include customer 360, fraud analy cs, data mone za on, and others. ZDP is a fully integrated solu on that also allows organiza ons to provide self-service access by business users to their data lake. THE DATA LAKE COMPANY The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) combined with Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables data management and governance in a cloud and hybrid environment

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