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2 ZDP Catalog + Product Brief THE DATA LAKE COMPANY Once the user is interested in a dataset, they can further explore within ZDP and see: • Business description of entities, tags and labels as provided in ZDP • Technical structure, including column names, data types, formats and sensitivity flag • Data quality results for each column as defined in ZDP • Data profiling on each column, including frequency distribution, ranges and counts of nulls • A data preview that shows a sample from the entity Prepare: Self-service data prepara on to reduce me-to-analy cs ZDP provides users with a sandbox to interact and work with sample data from the dataset. Users can play with this sample data without affec ng the source data. Using the one-click "Enrich" bu on, the user is provided a tabular view of the data along with a list of the various transforma ons that can be applied to each column. In addi on to out-of-the- box func onality, ZDP allows advanced users to create their own custom expressions using Google Refine Expression Language (GREL), which has support for variables, built-in func ons and controls. Once the sample data results are sa sfactory, the user can: • Export results in CSV: User can manipulate the results in a spreadsheet • Publish the enrichment as a ZDP entity: ZDP creates a workflow and then executes it Collaborate: Workspaces enable collabora on for improved produc vity ZDP's Workspaces enable teams to collaborate to increase produc vity. A Workspace includes en es hand-picked by a team member and shows the history of enrichments/ transforma ons done to those en es. Workspaces also allow teams to do "Smart Searches," which save search criteria and display en es that match the criteria in real me. Perform transformations such as formatting, split, other common text functions, date functions, numeric functions, transpose, sort and add new columns. These transformations are applied in real time on sample data and users can iterate and further apply additional functions Data Catalog View with facets and filters ZDP Catalog +

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