AI in BI, Customer Data, and more! - November 2019

November 7, 2019 Brett Carpenter

Welcome to the November Zaloni Big Data Newsletter! We’re making it easy for you to stay on top of the latest in data management trends by digesting the articles that caught our attention this month. 

AI in BI

BI includes a wide variety of resources incorporating everything from the people to the tech to the strategies organizations implement to derive value from their business data. This is such an important aspect of a company that it’s vital to stay on the cutting edge. Often overlooked is the role artificial intelligence can play in BI. There are also several machine learning uses in the world of business intelligence that can help accelerate insights.

Keep Customer Data Safe...

The collection and mishandling of customer data has been a significant problem in recent years, with many of the largest companies being fined for their role in breaches and data scandals. Maintaining compliance and data privacy isn’t just for the CIO or new Data Privacy Officer, it needs to be prevalent throughout the business. With GDPR and the new California Consumer Privacy Act being enacted, it’s more important than ever to ensure safe handling of all user data for an improved customer experience.

...Then Use It

While making sure your customer data is secured, you also should have plans to utilize it for a  customer 360 initiative. Achieving a single unified view of your customer is an essential part of any digital transformation. Companies who fail to do so will lack the insights necessary to quickly adapt to changing market trends. However, those who can are poised for tremendous growth.



More interested in the code behind it all? We’ve pulled our favorite technical articles of the week.

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