Data Governance, Snowflake, Unlocking the Power of your Data, and more! - Zine 2020.04

February 14, 2020 Brett Carpenter
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Welcome to the Zaloni Zine! Here we condense some of the week's most interesting data management articles into a format that's easily ingested.

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What is Data Governance? A Best Practices Framework for Managing Data Assets

Data governance is the foundation for an organization's overall data management strategy. This helpful article dives into the framework, goals, and benefits of data governance. It also shows a few point-products related specifically to data governance. (but why get another point-product when you can have a full end-to-end platform?


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Seizing Your Data's Unrealized Power

In this upcoming webinar, Zaloni's CEO Susan Cook sits down to discuss why having end-to-end, governed data operations at your organization is key to data success for the coming year and beyond. Before you implement the data governance framework you just read about, you should check out this webinar and learn how to unlock the power of your data.


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Zaloni + Snowflake - Extensibility Wins for Cloud DataOps

Making the shift to cloud is hard. Deciding which vendor to go with is harder. We try to make the choice a little easier for you. The folks at Snowflake are some great friends of ours and we think their product well-positioned in the industry. Looking to modernize your data environment? Look no further.


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To Be More Data Driven, Look for the Right Business Partner

"A large company hoping to gain better insights from its data might...look at innovation partnerships." It's often the case that for an enterprise to leapfrog their competition, they need some help. Cleaning up the data supply chain and making self-service insights possible are necessary to be fully data-driven.


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We also like to pull some more technical articles that dive into how you can use various technologies to do your job better/faster/more efficiently.


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