DataOps Issues, Data Management in Healthcare, AI in ICU, and more! - Zine 2020.05

February 21, 2020 Brett Carpenter
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Welcome to the Zaloni Zine! Here we condense some of the week's most interesting DataOps and data management articles into a format that's easily ingested.

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Which Issues can DataOps Solve?

DataOps cultivates and promotes an environment of collaboration and teamwork amongst the teams that access an organization's data. Slow response times, efficiency, and improved collaboration are just some of the issues DataOps can solve. There are also a few challenges to be aware of. Have you invested in DataOps yet...and are you reaping the benefits?


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5 Key Data Management Questions to Ask Solution Providers for 2020

Choosing the right data management provider for your needs is a difficult and often drawn-out process. Asking the right questions is important in finding the right provider for you. Here are five questions you should ask...starting with "Is your product compatible with my existing infrastructure?" Have you been asking these questions of your data management provider?


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AI in the ICU Could be Early Warning System at WakeMed

This one comes right from our own backyard! WakeMed is implementing an interesting new artificial intelligence platform to detect patterns in patient health and create an "early warning" system that could alert doctors of risks. What use cases do you have for AI?


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Data Management in Health Care Requires Integrity, Standardization, Access

In this recap of the Digital Health CXO Tech Forum, panelists expressed that data management is an organizational challenge instead of one inclusive to government. But you already knew that. What's unique to health care is providing patients with access to their own data to be part of their health care conversation. Do the concerns of these data leaders match yours?


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We also like to pull some more technical articles that dive into how you can use various technologies to do your job better/faster/more efficiently.


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