Interesting AI Use, FinTech Cloud, Data Automation and more! - Zine 2020.01

January 23, 2020 Brett Carpenter

Welcome to the Zaloni Zine! Here we condense some of the week's most interesting data management articles into a format that's easily ingested. 


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NIMH awards grant to Vanderbilt for AI suicide study

Finding new and exciting uses for AI is important as the technology improves. Vanderbilt University, home of the world's largest human DNA repository, will leverage natural language processing and unstructured electronic health data to try to identify red flags and ultimately prevent suicide. Do you have any interesting AI use cases?


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Managing data beyond the tipping point of cloud

Financial institutions have shifted to a cloud-first strategy for managing their data. In fact, 52% of firms are using the cloud for their data management. They want a fast migration and how to deal with the differences in CAPEX (capital expenditure) vs. OPEX (operational expenditure) spending. They also reference the potential for having multiple versions of truth. Do you think that's possible...or advisable?


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Why automation is driving data catalog success

Small teams are often required to perform the same tasks as one much larger. At times this can seem overwhelming. This is where an automated data catalog can help. Data quality checks, data ingestion, data profiling are all examples of tasks that can be set to run automatically. This can free up significant time for a team to work on more meaningful projects. What would you do with more time?


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A recipe for better data management

Bad data is a serious issue. One study estimated poor data quality costs over $3 trillion in the US. Without some form of data quality control, bad data can spread throughout an organization and create a perpetual lack of trust for every department that wants to use it. This can be avoided by focusing on the internal processes and workflows associated with gathering data. What does your data management menu look like?


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We also like to pull some more technical articles that dive into how you can use various technologies to do your job better/faster/more efficiently.


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