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February 7, 2020 Brett Carpenter
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Welcome to the Zaloni Zine! Here we condense some of the week's most interesting data management articles into a format that's easily ingested.

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How the State of Illinois is Benefitting from a Multi-Cloud Solution

In this 2-minute video from Dell EMC, learn how the State of Illinois is modernizing its infrastructure and shifting between clouds and on-prem solutions for the best performance and price. They're also estimating to save around $26 million in the next five years. What would you do with an extra $26M?


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Artificial Intelligence Requires Trusted Data, and a Healthy DataOps Ecosystem

This article pulls much of its data from a 451 Research survey on DataOps. If you need a refresher, dataops is "the alignment of people, processes, and technology to enable more agile and automated approaches to data management." You've likely been doing dataops and not even known it. There are 5 steps highlighted to help you pave the way to become data-driven. (and by the way, our platform is designed for DataOps)


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Advancing Safe Deployment Practices

Our friends at Azure always have great content. This post from their Chief Technology Officer describes their safe deployment practices. Azure set up their change automation so updates go through specific stages so any problems can be caught before they reach customers. How much of this safe deployment practice framework do you utilize?


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Using Data Governance to Overcome Data Quality and Preparation Challenges

"Successful data governance requires a comprehensive approach" involving data professionals throughout the organization and a strategy to effectively guide the program. With the shifting of data from on-prem to cloud, greater transparency is required. What does your data governance strategy look like?


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We also like to pull some more technical articles that dive into how you can use various technologies to do your job better/faster/more efficiently.


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