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February 28, 2020 Brett Carpenter
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Welcome to the Zaloni Zine! Here we condense some of the week's most interesting DataOps and data management articles into a format that's easily ingested.

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On-Demand: Seizing your Data's Unrealized Power

Recently, Susan Cook and Ben Sharma sat down to discuss how the big data world has changed in recent years and the strategies companies are adopting for their digital transformation. This is an excellent talk with two industry thought leaders. What does your data ops plan look like for 2020?


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DataOps Playbook on Medium

We have some exciting news to share! We're launching a brand new technical data ops blog only on Medium! If you're interested in the how-to behind governed data access or Apache Sqoop vs. Spark, this is the place for you! Follow the DataOps Playbook as we'll be adding new content every week!


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DataOps Preparation: It’s Time to Get your Data out of Silos and Into the Action

"Every department, every business function, has multiple data silos that make holistic business analysis an uphill climb. How can you tie together customer satisfaction and operations data, if the data is in two different systems?" This is a common problem across all companies that use big data. This article lays out several recommendations to get your dataops culture up and running.


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Speed, Integration and Skills: Companies' Top Challenges in Data Management

CompTIA recently released a survey about the trends in data management. The results are pretty staggering. According to the report, only 25% of companies have their data management in an ideal state. This article dives into some of the data management challenges organizations are facing. Do these sound familiar to you?


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We also like to pull some more technical articles that dive into how you can use various technologies to do your job better/faster/more efficiently.


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