Analytics-ready Data Lake in Just Weeks

March 13, 2017

Zaloni introduces turnkey solution to align data engineers, data stewards and data consumers, and rapidly maximizes data value. 

Strata + Hadoop World San Jose 2017 – March 13, 2017 – Zaloni announced today the release of a new solution, Zaloni Data Lake in a Box, which provides a turnkey, cost-effective package to help more enterprises maximize value from their data – in weeks instead of months. Zaloni Data Lake in a Box helps enterprises overcome two major hurdles: breaking down data silos to enable business use cases with agility, and balancing the priorities of IT – governance, control, data management – with the priorities of line-of-business/end users, who want easy access, speed and flexibility.

Zaloni’s Data Lake in a Box solution provides all of the components needed to deploy, organize, govern and access a data lake – and ensures everything is seamlessly integrated. The solution package includes Hadoop distribution software and support, Bedrock Data Lake Management and Governance Platform, Mica Self-Service Data Platform, Zaloni’s Enablement Services for the design and implementation of the data lake with proper organization, security and access, and Zaloni’s Ingestion Factory Services for enterprise-grade data ingestion from source systems such as databases, filestores or streams creating managed data pipelines.

“Enterprises today need to be able to leverage business insights and monetize their data for competitive advantage, so it’s critical to optimize the data value chain and reduce time to analytics and insight,” said Ben Sharma, Zaloni’s Founder and CEO. “However, democratizing data with self-service access can create complexities if the data lake platform is not set up right - and that's what Zaloni Data Lake in a Box aims to solve.”

Zaloni customer, CDS Global, is a leading provider of data, customer management, marketing, payment and customer care solutions to media companies, nonprofits, utilities, consumer product companies and more. “We are generating new data products derived from decades of consumer data,” said Patrick Lea, executive director of enterprise data and BI technology, at CDS Global. “Essential to our strategy and our compressed timeline is Bedrock, Zaloni’s enterprise data management and governance platform. Bedrock has enabled us to rapidly establish our cloud-based data lake with scale, built-in data quality validation and operational reliability. It has also allowed us to leverage our existing personnel much more quickly, with a familiar development environment natively designed for our advanced big data technology stack.”

“As we move past the innovators and early adopters implementing data lakes, organizations are looking for execution guidance AND a faster time to implementation for their data lake environments.” said John L Myers, Managing Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a Boulder, CO-based industry analysis firm. “Zaloni empowers these organizations to gain the value of a data lake without the ‘pain’ of attempting to ‘hand-roll’ their implementation. These organizations can have the best of both worlds – best practices and speed of delivery.”

Supporting a Cost-effective, DataOps Approach

Zaloni Data Lake in a Box aligns data engineers, data stewards and data consumers by enabling access while providing a centralized way to govern and control access to data – enabling a collaborative framework increasingly being referred to as “DataOps.” With Zaloni Data in a Box, IT can provide a shared service model to the business, and business end users can get more, faster access to the data they need to drive their business objectives. Also, by delivering an analytics-ready data environment, Zaloni speeds up data’s positive impact on the business and the data lake’s return on investment.

"There are two keys to enterprise DataOps success: alignment between data consumption and data management, and an underlying orchestration model fostering that collaboration," said Toph Whitmore, principal analyst for Big Data & analytics with Blue Hill Research. "Zaloni's Data Lake in a Box brings curation, integration, preparation, and—perhaps most essential—ingestion services together into a comprehensive data-management solution. The subsequent data-workflow approach it establishes makes it a compelling operational standard for enterprise innovators seeking to maximize data-derived business impact."

“Leveraging a data management platform like Bedrock, as well as other Zaloni solutions like Mica and Zaloni Ingestion Factory, significantly increases a data lake’s return on investment, by enabling faster time to insight, lowering staffing costs, and reducing maintenance costs,” said Sharma. “In fact, a study by Enterprise Strategy Group showed that just the implementation of Bedrock and Mica versus a DIY approach yields an estimated 671% ROI over three years, lowers total cost of ownership by about $1.6 million and adds $4.5 million in incremental IT efficiencies. The addition of Ingestion Factory and other supports reduce time to value even further.”

“Operationalizing data lakes has proven much harder and taken much longer than most enterprises would want. This process typically involves manually cobbling together a large number of disparate tools, and then trying to support that mess going forward,” said Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Nik Rouda. “Zaloni integrates all the essential capabilities and best practices and packages them up, delivering quality and productivity right out of the box.”

Data Lake in a Box Pricing and Details

Zaloni offers tiered pricing, including a starter package, for its Data Lake in a Box solution. Pricing is based on compute and storage capacity. For more information about Zaloni solutions included in Zaloni Data Lake in a Box:

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