Zaloni’s New Release Enables Self-Service Data Across the Enterprise

September 13, 2018

Strata Data Conference, New York– September 13, 2018 - Zaloni, the leader in enterprise-grade data management for hybrid or multi-cloud environments, today announced the latest release of its Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) which follows on the 5.0 release that provided a more persona-based experience. This release expands on the democratization of data with a new, intuitive Data Marketplace that enables users to easily “shop” and “check out” datasets for provisioning to a sandbox environment for analytics. Adding the ability for users to find relevant data and easily procure this data for use in other projects or environments expands the business value of ZDP’s global data catalog. The release also includes enhancements to improve reliability and data recovery.

Data Marketplace for User-Friendly Provisioning

ZDP helps enterprises derive full value from their data with governed, self-service access to data for discovery, curation and preparation. Zaloni's unique approach provides a familiar "Shopping Cart" experience to the business analyst for selecting data sets to provision. Once the data is checked out, these jobs may be monitored, managed and scheduled in a manner that provides IT the proper governance and oversight. Data can be provisioned to relational databases or a sandbox area in the data lake.


Provision Wizard walks the user through self-service provisioning steps.


More Transparent Data Catalog

New data catalog functionality includes an improved user interface for searching and viewing metadata and understanding data quality. The new user experience makes it more streamlined for users to discover and provision data for analytics. Users can see consolidated metadata about a data asset, including ingestion history, lineage, data profile, and a data preview sample for a transparent, rich, one-stop view of data assets. Companies also can leverage role-based permissions to give specific users access to change or update business names, descriptions and tag data for additional classification and search.


View Entity Details displays consolidated metadata about a data asset.
View Field Details brings together all the field metadata and its profile statistics.


High Availability Enhancements

ZDP brings enhancements to the platform’s architecture to improve reliability with full support for high availability across microservices in multi-cloud, cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Companies can now more easily move work seamlessly to another instance if they experience server downtime or disruptions.


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