With Bedrock 3.3 Zaloni makes it Easier and Faster to Realize the Power and Potential of the Hadoop Data Lake

September 1, 2015

Durham, North Carolina – September 1, 2015 – Zaloni, a leading provider of Hadoop-based enterprise data management solutions, today announced the release of Bedrock 3.3. This new version builds on the integrated nature of Bedrock as a unified platform for managing a Hadoop data lake and adds several new features, including improved user experience and reporting capabilities as well as extended support for complex metadata management.

Bedrock is widely recognized as the only integrated platform for data management across the entire Hadoop data pipeline – ingestion, organization, enrichment, and extraction – providing a single interface from which to leverage the full power of Hadoop, and unlock the true value of big data. By continuing to make it easier for enterprises to manage and use all of their structured and unstructured data, Zaloni is providing enterprise organizations with the information they need to make critical business decisions on-the-fly.

Key new functionality in Zaloni Bedrock 3.3:

  • Operational dashboards – built-in dashboards and reports for Ingestion, Workflow, Metadata and Data Quality provide highly flexible, customized and extensible reporting for users.
  • Extended support for complex metadata – additional and out-of-the-box support for Avro, Parquet and JSON formats, as well as options for defining custom formats. Visualization on complex data structures like array, struct and map.
  • Spark support for workflow – workflow actions now support Spark as an execution environment, along with MapReduce. Allows users to share RDD’s across various actions to improve execution performance.
  • User Experience Improvements – streamlined User Experience leveraging Google Material Design pattern.

Supporting Quotes

“When people think about the power of big data, they are imagining omniscience. The first step on that quest is to build and organize a manageable data lake with Hadoop – an essential but complex proposition. Zaloni helps you on your way, getting you closer to insights and that much faster,” said Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

“With the introduction of Bedrock 3.3 we are one step closer to fully realizing our vision of an Intelligent Data Lake,” said Ben Sharma, CEO, Zaloni. “With each release we are making it possible for enterprises to gain deeper insights, answer complex questions, and identify important patterns and trends. All of which lead to serious competitive advantage.

Pricing & Availability

The latest Zaloni Bedrock release is generally available through the company’s direct sales representatives. Bedrock is licensed on a per Hadoop node basis. The license is an annual subscription license. Pricing is tiered, and options exist for multi-year agreements.

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