Zaloni and Dell EMC collaborate for full-stack, best-in-breed big data solution

October 20, 2016

Zaloni’s data lake management and governance technology provides critical foundation for big data visibility and reliability

Durham, NC – October 20, 2016 – Today, Zaloni announced it is collaborating with Dell EMC™ to help drive Dell EMC’s big data vision with the availability of Analytic Insights Module (AIM). Enterprises can now successfully leverage big data to identify and monetize new business opportunities faster, create more personalized customer experiences, and benefit from significant operational efficiencies.

Zaloni joins Dell EMC to provide a full package of business user-friendly data management, storage, security, governance and visualization tools that an organization needs for successful big data analytics. As a Dell EMC Select partner, Zaloni worked with Dell EMC to build this new solution. Dell EMC reviewed the capabilities of many best-in-breed partners and selected Zaloni for data ingestion and data lake management and governance.

“When we were looking for a partner for our data ingestion, management and governance capabilities within AIM, we wanted a product with an open platform that would allow customers to ingest both streaming and batch that can be woven into a workflow,” said Ted Bardasz, Senior Director, Product Management, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Dell EMC. “Zaloni has an open API, a great workflow, and a great pedigree. Zaloni has a history in services delivery for helping customers solve real big data problems, and solve them pragmatically.”

“Data lakes are only valuable when the technology stack is complete. The new Analytic Insights Module collects many of the puzzle pieces, including Zaloni’s powerful data collection and governance capabilities. This will make big data analytics not just insightful, but acceptable for enterprises.” said Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

Zaloni’s Data Lake Management Technology is key to the Analytic Insights Module, accessing and ingesting data into the data lake and capturing technical, operational and business metadata upon ingestion so that businesses know what data they have in the lake, understand its quality and can govern who can access data. Managed ingestion defines, tracks and logs all steps of what data is ingested into the data lake and automates this process to be repeatable and scalable. The metadata then enables users to efficiently discover the data needed for analytics and allows administrators to apply governance to meet privacy regulations and make data securely available to more users.

“The majority of leading businesses today are on a mission to figure out how to get value from big data on an enterprise-wide scale – beyond the POC,” said Ben Sharma, CEO, Zaloni. “They know that having the ability to capture, share and analyze significantly more data is critical to staying competitive, but it’s historically been difficult to do. Now, new all-in-one tools like Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module, incorporates Zaloni’s robust data lake management platform, making it significantly easier for enterprises to implement and operationalize big data analytics across the organization.”

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