Zaloni Announces Bedrock 2.0, Expanding Enterprise Capabilities with new Platform

June 26, 2013

San Jose, California – Hadoop Summit, Booth 8 – June 26, 2013 – Zaloni, a leading provider of peerless Hadoop software and services solutions, today announced Bedrock Data Management Platform™ 2.0, the only end-to-end solution for data management and integration on the market today. With significant technology enhancements in the areas of Data Ingestion, Metadata, Catalog search, and Hadoop-based Data Masking, and Workflow Orchestration, Zaloni is extending the enterprise capabilities of the Bedrock platform, providing organizations with powerful data management and integration tools for managing data in Hadoop. Bedrock is currently in production at several Fortune 100 Enterprise customers.

Announcing Bedrock 2.0 today, Ben Sharma, CEO of Zaloni said, “Enterprises today simply can not afford the significant cost or inordinate amount of time required to build and deploy complex data pipelines in Hadoop. Bedrock 2.0 draws upon our research and development capabilities and proven expertise in Big Data and Analytics to deliver an end-to-end Hadoop-based Data Management solution.” “What this means for our customers is rapid development and deployment, faster time to realized value, lower cost of ownership, and a simpler, repeatable way to make sense of their Big data,” continued Sharma.

Zaloni Bedrock 2.0 builds on the comprehensive set of features that enable customers to efficiently Collect, Organize, Analyze, and Visualize data in Hadoop. Bedrock 2.0 is available in Beta Release today; General Availability is expected in the August timeframe.

Zaloni customers benefit from Bedrock 2.0 in myriad ways, including: Reduced development time for on-boarding data into Hadoop, configurable Landing Zones and Data Monitors for incoming feeds and datasets, Integrated Metadata Management, and scalable and high throughput design via the Data Ingestion Manager.

Support for Business, Technical and Operational Metadata, Catalog search and APIs provide a searchable catalog of data assets stored in Hadoop, a single view on datasets ingested and their associated metadata enabling customer to De-duplicate their Big data and create Source of Record datasets in Hadoop.

The integrated Hadoop orchestration framework greatly reduces the complexity of managing heterogeneous data pipelines.

And, Bedrock 2.0 allows for easy integration with other vendors tools, as well as significantly reducing overall time and cost to develop and implement Hadoop projects.


Verizon, a global leader in delivering broadband and wireless communications services had a custom developed, Teradata based, ELT platform that was, quite simply, too expensive to keep scaling. In response to Verizon’s request for a more efficient and cost-effective solution, Zaloni created an ETL solution using Hadoop and deploying Zaloni Bedrock Data Management Platform.

“One of the greatest challenges with managing massive amounts of data, located across multiple sources, is managing cost,” said Pradeep Varadan, Associate Director, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “With Zaloni’s Bedrock Platform in place we quickly realized cost savings, and those savings accompanied a scalable, highly available and reliable platform. We look forward to new capabilities in upcoming versions of Bedrock.”

The Future of Bedrock

Significant enhancements for Metadata Manager and Data Lineage are expected in the next release of Bedrock. A Beta version of Bedrock 2.1 is planned for September 2013, with General Availability in December.

Hadoop Summit

Please visit Zaloni at Hadoop Summit in booth #8 to learn more about Bedrock 2.0 and view a demo.

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