Zaloni Announces General Availability of Bedrock 4.0

March 30, 2016

Bedrock, the industry’s only integrated data lake management platform, now provides companies with a way to manage ground-to-cloud environments

San Jose, CA – March 30, 2016 – Zaloni, the data lake company, announced today the general availability of the Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform v4.0. Bedrock helps enterprises govern and manage the data in their enterprise, and Bedrock 4.0 allows customers to manage and govern hybrid environments in which the boundaries between data stored in systems running on premise and data in the cloud are eliminated.

In its September 2015 report, entitled Hadoop Expansion Boosts Cloud and Unsupported On-Premises Deployment, Gartner analysts Merv Adrian and Nick Heudecker found that “plans for deployment of Hadoop in the cloud nearly equal those for on-premises operation and an additional 29% of companies intend continued use or new deployment in both places, challenging assumptions that adoption is primarily on-premise.”

Using Bedrock 4.0 to build a data lake in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, enables companies to create a federated big data management and governance platform enabling new use cases, such as analytics using streaming data from the Internet of Things (IoT).

In addition, Bedrock enables customers who are considering the cloud for big data to increase their compute elasticity and reduce their costs by leveraging transient clusters. Bedrock’s metadata management capabilities enable clients to spin up transient clusters for Hadoop workloads and pay for only the processing needed because the metadata is maintained in Bedrock after the transient cluster is shut down.

Bedrock has recently seen significant uptake across multiple industries including healthcare, entertainment and financial services.

“Zaloni’s Bedrock data lake management platform will enable us to improve our customer loyalty program,” said Richard Dominguez, director of IT at Pechanga Resort and Casino. “Data analytics is becoming more and more integral to all that we do – and this initiative will positively impact our customers’ experience.”

“At SCL Health, we are modernizing our data architecture to enable more advanced and innovative, data-driven, population-health initiatives,” said Julius Bogdan, director of analytics and data innovation at SCL Health. “We chose Zaloni as a partner because they offer an award-winning solution for data lake management and governance.”

Additional Bedrock 4.0 Features 

Bedrock is the only fully integrated platform on the market for managing and governing big data lakes. Bedrock 4.0 adds key features such as cloud support, a transformation designer, data lineage visualization, customizable operations dashboard, and an improved user experience. Bedrock 4.0 now includes the following new functionality, not previously announced:

  • Data profiling – Tracks the composition of the data lake with entity-level usage metrics (e.g., record count, number of files, total size); field-level data quality metrics (e.g., field frequency of values, nulls); field type specific metrics (e.g., blanks for text, average, min and max for numeric) and profiling metrics at entity level and/or at field level.
  • Automated DevOps – Uses enhanced REST APIs managing Bedrock from existing applications to ease the promotion of your application from development to test to production environments.
  • Data quality support – Cross column data quality measures provide a more thorough view of the quality of data in your data lake.
  • Sandbox environment – Provides an area to interact and work with sample data without affecting workflows; automates VM creation.

Originally announced Bedrock 4.0 features:

  • Cloud storage support – ability to monitor, ingest and organize files from Amazon S3 storage buckets. Files on S3 will be cataloged and available in the Bedrock inventory dashboard.
  • Transient EMR cluster support – Ability to execute MapReduce actions on Amazon EMR cluster on an as-needed basis to make efficient use of the compute resources.
  • Hosted data lakes – Petabyte-scale, Bedrock-managed, Hadoop-based data lakes now instantly available in the Altiscale Data Cloud.
  • New data connectors – Ingestion module with new connectors to fetch data using REST API and SFTP with integration with Cloud services such as Salesforce, Dropbox and others.
  • Data lineage – Lineage a new module that records and displays lineage for derived data sets; visualization shows all the transformation steps between source files to final enriched datasets.
  • Automated data inventory via data detection and cataloging – Additional features to detect and catalog files in the data lake that were ingested via means other than Bedrock.
  • Transformation designer – Users can now build their own transformations via simple drag and drop; additional support for load, join, union, projection, distinct, aggregation, sort and filter have also been added.
  • Complex data quality rules – Data quality module to support multi-column data quality rules including expressions.
  • Scalability – Improved architecture to load balance ingestion and workflows requests.
  • Simplified download – Self-contained Hadoop VM with Bedrock installed and configured for trials and POC.

“Zaloni is really hitting its stride, with 100% year-over-year growth, recent Series A funding, and recognition by ESG’s Delta-V Awards, which spotlight the top companies making an impact in big data and analytics today,” said Ben Sharma, Zaloni’s co-founder and CEO. “We plan to continue expanding Zaloni’s suite of data lake-related software to meet customers’ growing data management needs.”

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