Zaloni Expands Bedrock Data Management Platform™ 3.0, Further Simplifying and Accelerating Development and Deployment of Hadoop Data Lakes

September 3, 2014

Bedrock 3.0 Eases Data Integration, Organization and Analytics Preparation, Speeding Time to Value for Large Scale Big Data Projects.

Durham, North Carolina – September 3, 2014 – Zaloni, a leading provider of peerless Hadoop software and solutions, today announced the Bedrock Data Management Platform™ 3.0. The newest version of Bedrock adds Query Engine, HCatalog integration, Hadoop 2.0/YARN support, a streamlined and automated installer, improved Workflow status, and a Security architecture refresh.

New Bedrock 3.0 features include:

  • Query Engine: Provides data access and drag-and-drop query building, which allows users to create self-service analytics ready datasets, enabling quick and iterative data exploration and analysis.
  • HCatalog Integration: Captures metadata at the time of ingestion, and automatically updates that data in HCatalog.
  • Hadoop 2.0/YARN Support: Detects the YARN resource queues defined and allows for Hadoop jobs to be submitted against the appropriate queues for workload isolation.
  • Streamlined and Automated Installer: Reduces setup time from hours to minutes, and eliminates many opportunities for error.
  • Improved Workflow Status: Allows for a user defined workflow action to specify its own custom status.
  • Security Architecture Refresh: Unifies the user management to a single mechanism between the Web UI and the REST API, ensuring consistent access control across the application.

“In the last year we have worked closely with our customers, listening to what they want and need from a Data Management Platform. What we found was, where previously customers were working on smaller Hadoop projects, this year they are implementing large scale production Hadoop applications,” said Ben Sharma, CEO of Zaloni. “Because of this shift there is a much greater demand for a powerful set of Hadoop data management and operation tools. Bedrock 3.0 was built with the customer in mind. We believe that Bedrock 3.0 solidifies our position as the only built for Hadoop data management platform designed specifically to accelerate production deployment of Hadoop Data Lakes.”

Bedrock 3.1

Bedrock 3.1 is planned for Q4 2014 and will be released at Strata + Hadoop World in New York. Bedrock 3.1 will focus on enhanced Data Quality capabilities, additional support for relational database integration (CDC), operational improvements, and security enhancements.

Pricing & Availability

The latest Zaloni Bedrock release is generally available through the company’s direct sales representatives. Bedrock is licensed on a per Hadoop node basis. The license is an annual subscription license. Pricing is tiered, and options exist for multi-year agreements.

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