Zaloni Extends Its Reach with Data Management in the Cloud

September 30, 2015

New York, NY – Strata + Hadoop World, Booth #434 – September 30, 2015 – In a move to make data management on cloud seamless, Zaloni – a leading provider of Hadoop-based enterprise data management solutions – today announced version 4.0 of the Bedrock Data Management Platform™. By extending data management to the cloud, Zaloni has created a fluid platform that makes it possible to ingest, organize, enrich, govern and extract data in such a way that the boundaries between data stored in systems running on premise and data in the cloud are eliminated.

With Bedrock 4.0, Zaloni further empowers end users, ensures accuracy of data, keeps data secure, adds cloud support which will help facilitate new use cases such as IoT, provides a deeper level of data enrichment and preparation, and provides the capabilities for an organization to become truly data-driven.

The Bedrock Data Management Platform is the only platform on the market that has been built exclusively for Hadoop and offers a fully integrated, single-software solution for managed data ingestion, organization, enrichment, and extraction. Bedrock version 4.0, adds key features such as cloud support, transformation designer, data lineage visualization, customizable operations dashboard, improved user experience; and includes the following new functionality:

  • Cloud storage support – ability to monitor, ingest and organize files from Amazon S3 storage buckets. Files on S3 will be cataloged and available in the Bedrock inventory dashboard.
  • Transient EMR cluster support – ability to execute MapReduce actions on Amazon EMR cluster on an as-needed basis to make efficient use of the compute resources.
  • Hosted data lakes – petabyte-scale, Bedrock-managed, Hadoop-based data lakes now instantly available in the Altiscale Data Cloud.
  • New data connectors – ingestion module with new connectors to fetch data using REST API and SFTP with integration with Cloud services such as Salesforce, Dropbox and others. 
  • Data lineage – lineage a new module that records and displays lineage for derived data sets; visualization shows all the transformation steps between source files to final enriched datasets. 
  • Automated data inventory via data detection and cataloging – additional features to detect and catalog files in the data lake that were ingested via means other than Bedrock.
  • Transformation designer – users can now build their own transformations via simple drag and drop; additional support for load, join, union, projection, distinct, aggregation, sort and filter have also been added.
  • Complex data quality rules – data quality module to support multi-column data quality rules including expressions.
  • Scalability – Improved architecture to load balance ingestion and workflows requests. 
  • Simplified download – self-contained Hadoop VM with Bedrock installed and configured for trials and POC. 

What’s Next for Bedrock 

As we continue to build on our Intelligent Data Lake vision we will be enhancing the Bedrock Data Management Platform to enable real-time data processing, and we will be adding an even more robust data security layer.

Supporting Quotes

Zaloni: “Bedrock 4.0 is architected to manage massive volumes of data at rest, in motion, and in use concurrently within a single, unified platform that enables near real-time access to data for analytics to achieve actionable insights and faster decision making,” said Ben Sharma, CEO, Zaloni. “As enterprise organizations begin to realize the promise of the data lake, and recognize increasing value and revenue as a result of greater insight into their data, the demand for a single solution that can keep up with that demand increases. Bedrock 4.0 does more than keep up with those demands, it meets new demands as they arise.”

Altiscale: “Enterprises are increasingly running Hadoop in the cloud, where they can take advantage of elastic scalability and rapid time to value,” said Raymie Stata, CEO of Altiscale, the leading provider of Big Data as a Service. “By leveraging the Bedrock Data Management Platform to ingest, organize, and enrich data stored both on premises and in the cloud, customers can accelerate time-to-production and deployment of a highly-organized and actionable data lake.”

451 Research: “451 Research has previously argued that the concept of the data lake was an oversimplification and that a focus on data management and governance technologies and processes would be required to turn it into a reality, so it stands to reason that we think Zaloni’s Bedrock Data Management Platform is filling a gap in the market,” said Matt Aslett, 451 Research. “Additionally, the company has the benefit of an installed base of 100 customers. Another reason to view Zaloni favorably is that Bedrock is just the start, as we are impressed by the company’s interesting plans to expand its reach.”

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