Zaloni’s Latest Release Enhances Hybrid Connectivity, Active Metadata and On-Demand Consumption

September 26, 2019

New York, NY – September 26, 2019 - Strata Data Conference — Zaloni, the leader in multi-cloud data management, today announced the latest release of its Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) 5.1, which follows on the 5.0.2 release that provided additional self-service capabilities and platform architecture enhancements to improve reliability and data recovery. This release expands on self-service capabilities with on-demand data consumption and improved flexibility with active metadata management and multi-cloud and hybrid connectivity.

Hybrid Connectivity

ZDP 5.1 extends the data catalog to include relational databases, including expanded support for cloud data warehouses improving flexibility with both on-premises and cloud storage. ZDP 5.1 enables easy discovery, through its global search functionality, and cataloging of these data sources, expanding the reach of data catalog and data provisioning capabilities. Additionally, ZDP allows users to either collect and ingest the data into their centralized environment or connect to the data where it resides while maintaining centralized management and governance.

Active Metadata

ZDP 5.1 provides a more flexible and customizable view of Zaloni’s Active Data Hub. This includes the ability to determine which attributes are shown for the quick view so that business analysts can more efficiently identify data that might be of interest. Power users can switch from a tabular view for very large catalogs to a card view that provides a more complete view of a given data entity or artifact. ZDP 5.1 makes is easier for users with different roles to view assets in the catalog in a more meaningful way that will lead to a more productive experience.

On-Demand Consumption

ZDP 5.1 now offers additional data provisioning capabilities that increases the number of targets and provides a rich data filtering capability to allow users to consume only the data they need, reducing data storage and data duplication costs. Additionally, ZDP 5.1 has made it easier to SFTP data from the catalog to a secure remote server to serve use cases such as sharing data with an external organization.

About Zaloni

Zaloni, a leader in multi-cloud data management, helps enterprises securely grow analytics value through end-to-end data acceleration. Our self-service platform provides regulated businesses with a governed data connection, cataloging and consumption solutions that successfully deliver new product value, market insights and 360 customer views. Zaloni provides deep expertise across multiple industries, working with many of the world's leading companies. To learn more or contact us for a demo:

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