Zaloni Launches Big Data Lifecycle Management Solution for the Data Lake

September 14, 2016

Right-size the enterprise data lake with automated, policy-driven and cost-effective storage tiering

Durham, NC – September 14, 2016 – Zaloni, the data lake company, introduced Zaloni Bedrock DLM, a solution that addresses the growing need for big data lifecycle management as more enterprises deploy data lakes to manage their data. Zaloni Bedrock DLM automates data lifecycle management within the data lake and provides a user-friendly interface to define custom rules and leverage Hadoop’s heterogeneous and archival storage, as well as more cost-effective storage in the cloud.

“Being able to do data lifecycle management in the data lake, based on age and relevancy, makes the difference between a data lake and a data swamp,” said Scott Gidley, Zaloni’s vice president of product. “With Zaloni Bedrock DLM, enterprises can keep their Hadoop cluster right-sized by automatically tiering data within the data lake, deleting old data and leveraging object stores like S3 for archiving.”

In addition to the Bedrock Data Management Platform’s end-to-end management and governance of data in the data lake, Zaloni Bedrock DLM provides the following features:

  • DLM based on business policies, not files and directories: Bedrock manages the mapping of business metadata to physical files/directories, and storage types and locations can be extended to non-HDFS targets.
  • Tier-specific definitions: Specify data lifecycle in each storage tier based on age or events or other custom policies using metadata applied in Bedrock (HDFS does not map the age of the data to storage type/policy).
  • Data catalog: See which data is in what tier and get a better view of storage throughput.

Zaloni Partners With NetApp For DLM

In partnership with NetApp, Zaloni tested and validated its data lifecycle management capability specifically for NetApp’s E-Series and StorageGRID Webscale storage platforms.

“Transitioning to a managed data lake architecture now prepares enterprises for the inevitable, as big data is only getting bigger,” said Gidley. “Zaloni’s Bedrock DLM solution not only creates efficiencies for data storage and processing, it positions enterprises well for the future, enabling strategies like data science; multi-site, cloud enabled disaster recovery; and enhanced data security for customer records and transaction data.”

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