Leveraging Customer Data for Personalized Marketing Campaigns

March 5, 2017

Gap Inc. found success with Zaloni - turning unused customer purchasing data into the building blocks of highly effective personalized marketing campaigns.

Focusing on Customer Retention

Understanding your customer purchasing behavior, their interaction on your website, and how they respond to your marketing and promotional activities is critical to customer retention, and leveraging that data for analytics is necessary if you want to improve the bottom line. Gap, Inc. was faced with the challenge of siloed data – millions of customer records just sitting there going unused. They were capturing the data; they simply were not using it.

Developing a Single Dataset

The first part of the Zaloni solution was to get the siloed data offloaded and into a single data management platform so that Gap was working with a single dataset that combined clickstream, customer, product and purchase information. Next was analyzing that data in order to uncover behaviors and trends to be used to develop and implement highly targeted, 1:1, personalized marketing campaigns.

Targeting Customers Through Analytics and Profiling 

Zaloni successfully implemented a Hadoop-based solution that was quickly moved into production, enabling Gap, Inc. to incorporate vast amounts of data from a wide range of online and offline sources, creating a comprehensive data set that could be mined for precisely targeted customer analytics and profiling – enabling Gap, Inc. to develop personalized marketing campaigns, driving revenue and sales, and ultimately increasing the bottom line for Gap, Inc.

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