Ben Sharma & Tony Fisher, Zaloni - #BigDataSV 2016 - #theCUBE

March 29, 2016
01. Ben Sharma, Zaloni, Visits #theCube!. (00:21) 02. Tony Fisher, Zaloni, Visits #theCube!. (00:32) 03. Give Us An Update On Zaloni. (00:58) 04. Tony What Made You Decide To Jump On Board. (01:45) 05. What Is Your Charge Tony. (02:38) 06. Is There A Pattern For Where You See Customers Maturing In The Data Market. (03:04) 07. What Type Of Value Were Customers Looking At. (04:29) 08. How Can You Excelerate The Process. (07:18) 09. Are People Understanding How They Can Use Application Ideas. (08:07) 10. Is The Telco Example Something That's Repeatable. (09:14) 11. Are You Helping With Customer Specific Applications. (11:25) 12. How Have You Been Able To Have Success So Early. (12:39) 13. What Is Attracting Customers To You. (16:05) 14. What Will We See From You In Six Months. (19:20) Track List created with --- --- Zaloni stamps out Telco solutions | #BigDataSV by Heather Johnson | Mar 29, 2016 Zaloni, Inc., a provider of enterprise data lake management solutions, has witnessed Big Data evolve from a fascinating “science project” to a mature market. The Durham, North Carolina-based company, which recently raised its first round of funding, has use-cases in many major industries. CEO Ben Sharma says that these case studies show how much confidence the enterprise has in Big Data. Sharma noted that one Telco operator took a data lake generated in its environment and made it available to its smart city. “That smart city could use the data more efficiently,” Sharma said. “The Telco company knew from the get-go that they couldn’t do this in a traditional data platform. They had to put a big data environment in place.” Sharma said that other Telco companies could potentially replicate this company’s process. Both Sharma and Tony Fisher, Zaloni’s SVP of business development and strategy, spoke with Jeff Frick (@jefffrick) and George Gilbert (@ggilbert41), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE media team, during the BigDataSV 2016 event in San Jose, California, where theCUBE is celebrating #BigDataWeek, including news and events from the #StrataHadoop conference. Both Sharma and Fisher noted Big Data’s forward momentum. “It’s very exciting to see the maturity of the whole ecosystem,” Sharma said. While Fisher added, “As analytics comes more to the forefront, the idea of data management is coming to the forefront.” @theCUBE #BigDataSV #StrataHadoop
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