Tony Fisher & Kelly Schupp, Zaloni - #BigDataNYC 2016 - #theCUBE

October 3, 2016
01. Tony Fisher, Zaloni, Visits #theCUBE!. (00:20) 02. Kelly Schupp, Zaloni, Visits #theCUBE!. (00:30) 03. How Is It Going Here With Strata. (00:40) 04. Are You Encountering Questions About Governance. (01:56) 05. How Did You Decide To Attack The Problem Of The Data Lake. (03:07) 06. Where Do You Come In In Helping Organizations Become Data Driven. (05:21) 07. What's The Difference Between Managing And Governing The Data Lake And The Data. (06:44) 08. What Is A Digital Business. (09:49) 09. Will We Deliver The 360 Degree View. (12:59) 10. Insights Being Owned By Just A Few Coming Back To Late Is Changing. (15:16) Track List created with --- --- Taking action on cluttered data lakes | #BigDataNYC by Gabriel Pesek | Sep 29, 2016 With the development of Big Data, the importance of data governance and lineage have grown correspondingly, creating a more pressing need for IT departments to be able to quickly assess assorted aspects of data-flows in and out of their centers. At this year’s BigDataNYC event, Tony Fisher, SVP of Business Development/Strategy at Zaloni Inc., and Kelly Schupp, VP of Marketing at Zaloni, sat down with Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Peter Burris (@plburris), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, to discuss Big Data and the drive to improve the standard quality of data lakes. Ease of management “Management of Big Data and governance are fundamental to what we do at Zaloni,” Fisher stated early on, proceeding from there to outline some of the ways in which Zaloni works to catalog and tidy the data of large storage groupings. And as the needs for data managing to improve in efficiency, for a variety of reasons, continue to rise, the partitioning off of data groups is becoming less feasible for active enterprises. As mentioned by Schupp, “We’re starting to see more and more that notion of the enterprise data lake, that everyone [in the enterprise] can access and use.” She continued: “From the very beginning, we were working with … corporations that needed an operations-ready data lake.” She then explained how Zaloni’s developments to support those needs have led it to its current standing in the data management realm. Cleaning the lakes Fisher put forth the idea of the data lake as a more managed environment than what Schupp termed “data dumps or data swamps.” “We’re taking a lot of those concepts that corporations are comfortable with, and applying them to … scale out architecture,” he explained. To that end, Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° suite of data management, analysis and governance tools are being deployed. “Every aspect of data within the data lake … all of these are concepts that are required to manage the data lake. Managing the data … is maybe not so subtly different,” Fisher said. Data comfort And as the tools for handling data make it easier, the task of bringing that usage to customers is becoming less of a hurdle. “If you can let IT realize that they have some control over the data lake and the data that’s in it … [IT] will get a lot more comfortable to say to the customer, ‘Here’s your on-ramp,’” Schupp stated. According to Fisher, “Data needs to support the needs of the business; the business doesn’t need to have overbearing influence on the data. The problem with data warehouses is that they tend to implode under their own weight and the governance.” He added, “The data lake environment is different because … you really do get to … keep up with it [as it grows]. … Just by nature of the dynamic architecture, it’s going to be more easy and straight-forward.” And both Fisher and Schupp were optimistic about the continued developments in their field. “I think, as an industry, we’re getting closer to providing that modern data platform that people need,” Schupp concluded.
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Production ready data lakes with Data Lake 360
Production ready data lakes with Data Lake 360

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